Dutch Biker Gangs Join Fight Against ISIS

Members of motorbike gangs in the Netherlands have been joining the Kurdish forces in their battle against the Islamic State.  On Tuesday, a public prosecutor said that, technically, it was perfectly legal for them to do so!

“Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it’s no longer forbidden,” public prosecutor spokesman Wim de Bruin told AFP.

“You just can’t join a fight against the Netherlands,” he told AFP after reports emerged that Dutch bikers from the No Surrender gang were fighting IS insurgents alongside Kurds in northern Iraq.

Two things… 1: The Netherlands have biker gangs?!  They’re in a tiny country that’s below sea level!  Are there gang wars over which dyke is in which gang’s territory?

And 2:  Why aren’t our biker gangs going to fight ISIS?!

Think about it!  How quick would ISIS be destroyed if we set a few American biker gangs on them?  Just think of your stereotypical biker gang that you occasionally read about in the news?  Racist, criminal, love violence, carrying tons of weapons, and we set them free in the Middle East?  How could we not win?!

I think we should totally get the Hell’s Angels and every other biker gang in the country to go all “Sons of Anarchy” on ISIS!  The war will be over in a week.