Ebola plush toys for sale. In other news, my faith in humanity died last night.

On the bright side, capitalism is still as strong as ever in America!

Giantmicrobes Inc. (http://www.giantmicrobes.com/) is a company that makes and sells stuffed toys shaped like micro-biotic organisms.  It’s a thing, people!  The company creates these toys for educational purposes, giving children a much larger sized view of cells and diseases.  Personally, I never really wanted to know what a common cold virus looked like when I was little… but, hey!  Who am I to judge?  They obviously are making money.

It started innocently enough, but then they accidentally stumbled upon a microscopic cash cow.  About five years ago the company began making an Ebola plushy.  Today, they’re struggling to keep up with demand for the toy. According to vice president of operations, Laura Sullivan, “They’re selling like hot cakes. We’re out of stock again.”

The company has recently ramped up production with Chinese manufacturers.  So, in an interesting twist, Ebola toys are in higher demand than any cure for the actual disease.

I’m all in favor of capitalism, and this is just honest business.  If Giantmicrobes Inc. is lucky, they’ll be able to sell all their products before we all keel over!



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