Here’s Where Your Tax Dollars Went

Oklahoman senator Tom Coburn recently came out with Wastebook 2014, an annual list of the government’s most wasteful projects.  Looking through some of it, I’m not so sure if it’s exactly wasteful.  Then there were also some where I wondered why the government even thought they had to spend money on it!  The government spent, for example:

$171,000 to study how monkeys gamble

$10,000 to watch grass grow

$856,000 to watch mountain lions on treadmills

and my personal favorite, $3,000,000 for state department tweets at terrorists.

I neither know not want to know what these expenses were for.  I’m sure there was some reason that it cost the American taxpayer $10,000 to watch grass grow.  However, there is one thing that I really want to know:  The state department tweets at terrorists?!

Actually, I have several questions.  The state department and terrorists follow each other?  What do they tweet about?

“StateDept:  Just watching the grass grow lolz, @Trrizt4life”

“Trrizt4life:  You cray!  You see that vid of the gambling monkey? @State Dept”