US hired a thousand Nazis as spies during the Cold War

This is a perfect example of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

After spending countless lives, dollars, and bullets, the United States and her allies stood victorious over the crushed Third Reich.  Barely even a few decades later, US spy agencies hired over a thousand former Nazis to face our newest enemy, the Soviet Union.  You know, the people who committed war crimes just as bad as the Nazis! (but we ignored that because they were our allies at the time.)  Even until the ’90s America concealed any ties to these former Nazis, some of which live in the US today!

“Hmm…  These Russians are dangerous and evil, and we need to hire some people to spy on them.  Any ideas, Hoover?”

“How about some people who are dangerous and evil?”

“Excellent!  Round up any Nazis you can find!”

Our government’s reasoning was that the threat of communism was greater than any “moral lapses” that any former Nazi’s had.  For example, they recruited a man in the ’50s who was proven guilty of “minor war crimes.”  Doesn’t matter!  They were only minor war crimes!  Besides, we need him t spy on the Soviets!  They’re the ones committing major war crimes!

Another recruit?  A mentor and aide to Adolph Eichmann, architect of the holocaust.  The CIA not only recruited him, but relocated his family to New York City!  But don’t worry or get angry, it was all for a good cause!  I mean, we beat the Soviet Union, didn’t we?