Religious Right losing power because of Godless millenials

An interesting development has become clear this election cycle: America is becoming less “Christian.”

In every region of the nation the “religious” demographic (i.e.: Christian) has stagnated or shrunk, while the number of people who claim to be agnostic or atheist has steadily risen.  In some places, these numbers take up the majority!  Even in the deep South, where the Bible Belt holds sway, the number of people who identify as “Christian” are diminishing.  This is an interesting development, because, traditionally, religious people are more likely to vote Republican and agnostics vote Democrat.

The reason for this change?  Well, it may have something to do with the amount of people who may be voting for only their first or second time.  The millennial generation (hey, that’s me!) are the most diverse, educated, and tolerant generation in American history.  We are also the least religious in American history!  As the older generations die off and the Millennials take their place, it will usher in A NEW REIGN OF THE DARK LORD, WHERE NONE SHALL ESCAPE HIS TERRIBLE GAZE!  ALL HAIL…!!!!!!

…oh, I’m sorry, I zoned out for a second.  I’m sure that there will be conspiracy theorists all over this development, and the religious right will probably go on and on about how horrible it.  Odds are, in the end, everything will just get blamed on violence in TV or videogames.  BUT THEY WILL NOT REALIZE THE TRUE THREAT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!!  HAHAHA PRAISE THE DARK LORD, PRAISE HIM!!!!!