NY Pastor knows Starbucks’ secret ingredient!

James David Manning, a pastor from Harlem, believes he knows the secret ingredient in Starbucks’ coffee!  Oh, this is big, folks!  We’ve been wanting to know the secret for years!  What makes Starbucks so irresistible?  Is it a dash of chocolate?  Specially made cream?  Liquid gold?  Well, according to Pastor Manning, it’s semen!

…Wait, semen?!

Yep, according to this pastor, “sodomites” are aiding the spread of Ebola in our nation, in a conspiracy with the coffee company by, er… planting their seed inside lattes.

…I honestly don’t have a joke for this.  I’m sorry, you’ll just have to find your own witty anecdote for it.  Wait… Something something “comeback?”  Nah, too easy, sorry.