Dog mayor calls for belly rubs. AKA: it was a slow news day

As an aspiring journalist, I feel it is my duty to report on any news that I deem important, be it a national election or a bake sale down the street.  Well, today I can easily say this may be the most important political event I have ever reported on in my short blogging career.

A Chihuahua named Frida will be named mayor of San Francisco for a day.  His first order of business?  Free belly rubs for all dogs in the SF bay area.

I hate to sound like a stereotypical conservative, and I definitely don’t want to come across as racist, but I have to speak my mind.

Look, I’m glad that minorities are getting more of a say in our politics. California has always been a leader in electing foreigners into positions of power. (Even an Austrian, which even for California was weird.)

That being said, isn’t that just like a liberal Chihuahua, demanding more belly rubs for the other dogs in the city?  I mean, geez.  The second a minority gets a seat of power he starts buying votes with nothing but more handouts!  First it’s belly rubs, but what next?  Will the animals in San Francisco demand new collars, too?  Lighter leash laws?  Dog food stamps?  Where does it end with you animals?!