Utah Proposes Bringing Back The Firing Squad

The state of Utah is considering bringing back the firing squad for executions, should lethal poison be unobtainable within thirty days of a scheduled execution.

The proposal came from Representative Paul Ray of Clearfield, because the prisoner dies instantly from a firing squad.

“We have to have an option,” Ray told reporters Wednesday. “If we go hanging, if we go to the guillotine, or we go to the firing squad, electric chair, you’re still going to have the same circus atmosphere behind it. So is it really going to matter?”

Clown firing squad (2)-L

Yes, let’s not forget the circus atmosphere around executions!  Back in the good ol’ days, if a man were going to be hanged, people would come for miles to watch!  Back before television, jeering at the prisoner, placing bets on how long he’d survive, and watching his life fade away were the only forms of entertainment out there!

I don’t know.  Personally, if I ever have to be executed (probably in some dystopian future where writing is illegal) I think I would prefer a firing squad.  It sounds a bit nicer than being strapped to a table and pumped full of lethal injection.