Gay men have 20,000 partners in their “short, miserable lives”

According to a UK politician, homosexual men can have as many as twenty thousand sexual partners before dying at an early age of AIDs.

Lord Christopher Monckton made that claim earlier when defending Australian politician Rosalie Crestani, who is attempting to ban the “promotion” of homozexuality in Australia.

Monckton has demonstrated his knowledge of homosexuality with several other tidbits of information.  He believes that gay people only want to have the right to marry so they can adopt children, which “isn’t fair” since their relationships only last a few hours at most!  He also believes that the UK should screen the population for AIDs-like diseases, and give a lifetime quarantine to any found with it.

So, it looks like Mockton’s knowledge of the gay agenda can be summed up as follows:

1: Gay people exist

2: They’re DANGEROUS!!!!!!

3: They’re having a butt load (forgive the pun) more sex than any of us will ever have!

When dealing with a threat as big as the homosexuals, you can’t allow things like facts to get in the way!

I’m sure that it’s also just a coincidence that Lord Christopher Mockton looks like he belongs in an “Airheads” commercial…