Well, the semester is coming to a close, Christmas is coming up, and my Spanish final is looming over my like a black cloud.  To procrastinate further, I thought I would give all of you (one to two) readers an update!

Well, as I said, the semester is coming to a close.  Technically, this blog was supposed to end about a week ago.  However, I’m actually having a lot of fun writing this!  Since there’s no law against it, I’m going to keep on blogging!  It’s good practice, and it can only help strengthen my journalistic abilities.  So, you’re in luck, whoever is reading this!  I’m not going anywhere yet!

In other news, the news world hasn’t slowed down at all as the year draws to a close.  Sony’s gotten hacked, Obama still has two years left in office and people are already wondering who will replace him, Stephen Colbert has barely a week left on his show (man I’m going to miss him,) and protests are still going on across the nation.  The media no longer cares about Ebola, the Middle East is about the same as usual, and Great Britain has made pornography bans that are considered draconian even by most conservative of people.

I suppose I really shouldn’t complain.  The worse things get out in the world, the easier my job gets!  As long as you keep a (slightly dark) sense of humor around you, things will never seem hopeless!  Besides, maybe we are stupid, after all.

Tune in tomorrow for more news!  Thank you all for showing interest in this blog!