Putin named “Man of the Year” 15th year in a row

Russian president Vladimir Putin is famous for many things: rejecting shirts as clothing, riding horses, hunting tigers, persecuting gays and then entering another country through the backdoor, so it may not come as a surprise to anyone when he was voted “Man of the Year” in Russia….. but this will be the 15th year in a row that Putin has won this honor.

Despite the country’s current economic crisis, a poll conducted by Russian pollsters Public Opinion Foundation found that 68% of Russians believed that Putin was the man of the moment. Runner-up Vladimir Zhirinovsky amassed just 4% of the votes.

Let’s just entertain the idea that this isn’t rigged.  Does Putin really deserve this honor fifteen times in a row?  Aren’t there any other manly-men in Russia?  I mean, isn’t Russia sort of famous for their manly-men?  Russia is the country that had their soldiers charge Nazis in WWII… sometimes without rifles!  Russia is the only country that has never been successfully invaded (ignoring the Mongols,) because the only thing tougher than Russian people is the Russian weather.  Then there’s always the stereotyped image of a Russian fighting a bear while swigging some Vodka.  And let’s not forget all the YouTube videos of dashcams showing Russian traffic!  Only those with balls of steel, hardened by the cold of Siberian winter, would dare drive through that!!!

Congrats to you, President Putin.  Fifteen years in a row, you’ve proven yourself the biggest, hardcore bad@$$ in a cave of Russian bears!  Even if you really aren’t, what you’ve pulled off is an impressive example of pointless, ego-centric election rigging!



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