Anonymous declares war on Islamic extremists

Have any of you played Mass Effect 3?  Because I’m starting to get that kind of vibe from this whole war on terror.  For those of you who haven’t played the video game, in ME3, the galaxy is invaded by an alien species bent on destroying all life and civilization.  Your character’s job is to travel the galaxy and find as many different species and groups you can (who generally hate each other) and unite them in the war against the greater threat.  Well, since Anonymous has now declared its own war on terror, I can’t help but see the comparisons between the game and our real war to save civilization.

In a YouTube video, the notorious hacker group has stated that it will track and take down all websites and social media sites linked to Islamic extremism that it can.  Being Anonymous, that’s probably quite a few.  This move by the group, according to the video, is an act of revenge for the Charlie Hebdo attack.

“We, Anonymous around the world, have decided to declare war on you the terrorists,” it said.
The video is described as a message for “al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists,” and promises to avenge the killing of 12 people in Wednesday’s attack.
“We intend to take revenge in their name, we are going to survey your activities on the net, we are going to shut down your accounts on all social networks,”

So, here’s the lineup of people fighting the war on terror:


-America’s allies (I assume we still have some)

-The pope

-Dutch biker gangs

-Kurdistan (it exists… at least it should!)

-Lebanese drug lords

-Almost every other group that wants power in the Middle East


All we need now is for Santa Claus to come down from the North Pole and begin his own airstrikes from his sleigh and have an elf army invade the Middle East!

Let’s just hope this motley alliance to save civilization has a better ending than ME3 did.