FARC rebels invite Miss Universe to peace talks

You may have already known, but Colombia is a dangerous place.  Gangs, drugs, murders, corrupt government, it’s like Chicago, but in South America!

On top of all the problems Colombia has faced is the FARC rebels.  FARC is a marxist extremist group that has been fighting in the country for the past fifty years.  They were originally established in the 1960s as the militant wing of Colombia’s communist party.  And, ever since, nobody ever remembered to give them the memo that the Cold War is over.  They’ve done everything from kidnapping, drug dealing, human trafficking, and straight up military offensives against the Colombian government.  Their goal is to set up an anti-imperialist government and turn Colombia, basically, into a new Cold War-era Cuba.

Well, after five decades of fighting, neither side is really any closer to their goals.  The FARC rebels haven’t toppled the government, and the government hasn’t been able to destroy the guerrillas.  It seems that both sides may be finally realizing that fifty years of war isn’t exactly a good thing.  Tentative peace talks have been going on for a few years now, but they may actually be close to making progress!  The rebels and government have agreed on land reforms and bringing an end to the drug trade.  Things are looking up!

However, the rebels have recently made a request: they want Miss Universe to attend the peace talks

“We have read with interest your desire to contribute with your good works to reaching peace,” the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, said in a statement on their website late on Friday.

“We salute your willingness to travel to Havana, at this time we invite you to make a visit,” added the FARC, which has been holding negotiations with the government in Cuba since late 2012.

Paulina Vega, recently crowned Miss Universe, is a native of Colombia, and has not yet responded to the invitation.