Russian youth movement brings out every Russian stereotype you can imagine

Recently, while looking about the internet for some stories to write about, I stumbles across a certain YouTube channel.  The “Stop A Douchebag” movement is a Russian organization/YouTube channel dedicated to, you guessed it, stopping douchebags.  And, judging by these videos, Russia is full of douchebags in need of stopping!

“Stop A Douchebag,” mostly works on stopping people from driving their vehicles on the sidewalk to dodge traffic (a rather large problem in Russia.)  The members of the movement will stand on the sidewalk, stop any cars trying to get by, and if the cars don’t go back the way they came, they’ll paste a giant sticker that reads “I don’t care for anyone else, I drive where I please.” on the windshield. The movement also tackles people parking in ways that block traffic, and people smoking outside of designated smoking areas (also big problems in Russia.)

After watching a few videos… well, more than a few…  Okay, I watched every single one.  That crap is entertaining, okay?!  Anyway, I learned three very important things about Russian life from these videos:

1: Douchebaggery isn’t just an American thing.  *Whew* that’s a relief!  Russia is more similar to America than I think either country wants to admit.  We have youth organizations just trying to do what they think is the right thing.  We both have idiot drivers.  There seems to be a slight generation gap.  Above all, both of our countries are full of people that no longer seem to truly care about each other!

2: Holy crap, EVERY Russian stereotype is true.  Just watch some of these YouTube videos!  Those “meanwhile in Russia” jokes aren’t jokes!  You have people wielding guns for no reason, cars jumping up the sidewalk, people getting run down without any remorse shown, and the cops seem to take a long time to even show up!  A daily commute to Russia is like playing GTA!  Every time I watch a video I keep expecting someone to pick up a cell phone and go “Hey, cousin Niko, it’s Roman!  Want to go bowling?”

3: It’s totally plausible that Russian soldiers only invaded Ukraine “accidentally.”  After watching these videos, I can almost believe that the totally-not-Russian soldiers in Ukraine are only there accidentally.  Odds are a group of soldiers were just out on patrol in their tanks, decided to jump a curb, got lost, and ended up in the Ukrainian civil war!

Now, in all seriousness, it’s good to see that some people are willing to stand up to douchebaggery.  We need more people like those in the “Stop A Douchebag” movement. Not just in Russia, but in every country of the world!