Rep. Butt demands the formation of a “White Rights” group

Hehe… Her name is “Butt.”

Sheila K. Butt is a member of the Tennessee state House of Representatives.  She is a Tea-Party leaning Republican, and has recently been elected Speaker of the House…. And her name is “Butt.”

I’m sorry, I’m so immature… But her name is “Butt!!!!!”  Is that her original last name?  Is she married?  Why on earth would she marry a guy with the last name “Butt?!”  I’m not sure which would be worse: she married a guy with the last name “Butt,” or that’s her original last name.”

Okay, focus, Caleb!  You have a story to write.  *Deep breath*  Okay, here goes.

Rep. Sheila K… posterior, on Jan. 27th, made it clear that she does not believe white people have enough support in this country.  She made the Facebook comment below:


Alright, let’s take this one thing at a time.  Firstly: what is she commenting on?

The Republican floor leader posted the comment on Jan. 27 on the Facebook page of Cathy Hinners, who operates Daily Roll Call, a website critical of Muslims in America and specifically in Tennessee.

Secondly: what was this Facebook post about?

Butt’s comment was posted in reaction to a link to an open letter by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national civil rights and advocacy organization, about 2016 Republican presidential candidates embracing Muslim Americans.

(The letter, by the way, you can read here)

Now, thirdly: What the heck is Butt talking about?!

Well… that’s where things get tricky.  Soon after original comment above, she deleted it and replaced it with a slightly more safe version: “We need groups that will stand for Christians and our Western culture. We don’t have groups dedicated to speaking on our behalf.”

As you can guess, people had questions.  Deleting the original comment didn’t help Butt any.  So, she seems to have gone with the tactic of simply not answering the question.  She refuses to explain what “NAAWP” stood for.  Even though it is a bit obvious, she claims that it definitely did not mean a “National Association for the Advancement of White People.”

“I think that’s funny because that isn’t even what that’s supposed to be. You’re making a story out of nothing,” said Butt, who then refused to explain what she meant by the comment. “Oh, I know exactly what it is, but it’s not what you say it is.”

“I’ll let people decide,” she said.

You’ll let people decide?  What else could it mean?!  Going by the fact that, in the ’80s, a member of the KKK left to form holocaust denial and racism promotion group called the “NAAWP,” it doesn’t leave much room for interpretation.  There’s currently a Facebook group called the “National Association for the Advancement of White People” that states it “is dedicated to preserving the culture of America’s Euro-Caucasian ethnic groups as The United States’ White population transitions from a majority to a minority and preserving its traditions.”  I’m sorry, Rep. Butt, but there’s literally nothing else “NAAWP” can mean!

Her name is “Butt!!!”

I’m so sorry, but that’s really all that matters to me.  Not the potential racism, not the story, “butt” her unfortunate name!