CIA torture playlist

Music has always been used as a psychological weapon since the dawn of time.  Soldiers would sing to boost morale, war drums would play to frighten enemies, people would even sing prayers to their gods for victory!  In the modern era, music still has its use as a weapon.  The CIA, for example, has been using music as a torture device for a long time.  Often times, they’ve used music without the artist’s permission, too!  That must make the musician feel good!  Not only is their music torture, but they’re not getting paid for their crappy music, either!

Well, ever since the CIA torture report came out, we’ve learned what specific songs our government has used to make peoples’ ears bleed and keep us safe!  Here, below, is a playlist of the CIA’s greatest hits!

Prince – Rasberry beret. “I was working’ part-time in a CIA torture site…”

Matchbox Twenty – Cold  “Tell me why you gotta be so cold, without your clothes? Tied down low?”

Seseme Street Theme Song. “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to ISIS HQ?”

David Gray – Babylon  “Friday night I’m going nowhere, ’cause I’m stuck in Guantanamo.”

Neil Diamond – America  “Free, only wanna be free…”

Drowning Pool – Bodies  “Let the bodies hit the….. FLOOOOOOOORRRRRR!!!!!”

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty  “Bleeding ’till my clothes come off.”

Metallica – Enter Sandman  “Say your prayers!”

The Bee Gees – Saturday Night Fever  “Here I am, Prayin’ for this moment to end, Livin’ on the music so loud…”

Eminem – Real Slim Shady  “Would the real terrorist please stand up?

Now, do you want the real affect of the CIA’s greatest torture hits?  Tie yourself down to a table, put some speakers right beside your ears, crank them up to 11, and blast the music on a loop for twelve hours.  Maybe the reason we can’t get any reliable information from the prisoners we torture is because they simply can’t hear us…?