Russian anti-drinking law a violation of human rights!

The Moscow Times reports that a member of the Russian Human Rights Council has denounced a new anti-drinking bill as a violation of human rights.

The new bill places public drunkenness as an offense worthy of a 15 day jail sentence.  Anyone who appears drunk and refuses a blood alcohol test could be arrested.  According to Tatyana Morshchakova, a member of the Presidential Human Rights council, this is a heinous violation of human rights!

“Lawmakers are trying to create a new form of administrative offense, consisting of a whiff of alcoholic drinks coming from a person from the point of view of those who detain that person,” she was quoted as saying.

“A citizen’s rights would be violated in this case 100 percent, because in the absence of a clear definition of an offense, the despotism of those who order penalties increases on a progressive scale,” she said, adding that there is also a “corruption factor, naturally.”

Mz. Morshchakova goes on to further insinuate that this is a masked attempt to make drinking illegal altogether.  GASP!!!  Drinking?  Illegal?  In Russia?!

Well, I’ve learned three things today:

1:  Russia has a Human Rights Council?!

2:  My spellcheck absolutely refuses to recognize Russian names as real.

3:  In Russia, alcohol is a human right!

I suppose that none of this should surprise me…

Besides, I don’t think anybody has to worry if this new law passes.  Nobody is ever going to get arrested because of it!  I mean, it’s Russia!  They’ve grown accustomed to beverages that can literally kill animals and weaker humans, and they’ve been trying for centuries to find something stronger!