This… thing

I honestly don’t know what to make of this…

America’s Liberty PAC is a PAC that will be supporting Rand Paul and his bid for the presidency.  While small, as far as money making machines go, America’s Liberty isn’t pulling any punches!  The organization recently put this advertisement for the PATRIOT Act debate that will be happening on “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.”

I can’t even fully describe the video.  Just watch it for yourself.  I’ll wait.

*checks watch*

Oh, you’re back?  Great!

Now, wasn’t that awesome?!?!?  It definitely made me want to watch the debate!  That video had everything!  Fire breathing eagles, explosions, some guy talking in a monster truck rally voice, and this thing of beauty:


Yes, that’s Rand Paul’s face photoshopped onto what looks like Hugh Jackman’s body.  More proof that the Internet does, indeed, have everything.

So be sure to tune in on Sunday, folks!  We’re either going to get an interesting debate, or there’s going to be a pretty awesome wrestling match!