“Star Wars” released in China forty years late

To most of us, it seems impossible to meet someone who hasn’t seen Star Wars.  It’s so ingrained in our culture, even without seeing the films we all know at least something about Star Wars.  Videogames, Comic Con, books, TV shows, T-shirts, odds are you own at least one Star Wars themed thing!

All that said, you can see why it blows my mind that the original trilogy has come to the big screen in China only now.  That’s right, Chinese cinema has only just released Star Wars IV, V, and VI. It’s only been forty years!  Not too long…

The Shanghai International Film Festival is showing all six “Star Wars” films this week, including the first screenings in mainland Chinese theatres of the original trilogy, festival organisers said. There are no plans for nationwide release.

It probably had something to do with the Original Trilogy being released in the late ’70s, and China had just come out of it’s Cultural Revolution.  Remember, Star Wars first came out during the Cold War.  There was not a whole lot of culture swapping back then.  Still, I’m still pretty surprised that mainland China is only letting the public see these films now, and just in a film festival!

If anything, this shows the power of Disney!  Not only do they own our childhoods, but they have the power and wealth to force entire nations to bend to it’s will!  They brough an end to a Cold War era ban on some western films, probably just so they could get even more viewers when Episode VII comes out this December!  The force is truly strong with this corporation.