First GOP debate tomorrow

Fox News will be hosting a debate among the Republican presidential hopefuls tomorrow.  Not only is this the first debate in the campaign, it is a good marker to see where each candidate stands in the rankings.  Only the top 10 candidates will be at the debate, while all others are relegated to a 2nd tier status.  The top 10 Republicans are:

  1. Donald Trump (Rich dude)
  2. Jeb Bush  (Of the Bush dynasty)
  3. Scott Walker  (Wisconsin governor and union-buster)
  4. Ted Cruz (The Canadian Cuban)
  5. Rand Paul (Ron’s kid)
  6. Marco Rubio (Water sipper)
  7. Ben Carson (Thinks Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery)
  8. Mike Huckabee (The Incredible Huck)
  9. Chris Christie (Will shut down your bridges if you don’t vote for him)
  10. John Kasich (Governor of Ohio, and actually willing to admit it)

Meanwhile, the candidates that did not make the debate are:

  1. Carly Fiorina (A woman?  Outside the kitchen?!)
  2. Rick Perry (Uhh…. oops?)
  3. Bobby Jindal (Token minority)
  4. Lindsey Graham (Probably got bullied for his name)
  5. Rick Santorum (Definitely got bullied for his name)
  6. George Pataki (Governed New York before all the taxes on fun stuff)
  7. Jim Gilmore (Hey, guys, can I run for president, too?)

I just like the fact that Donald Trump’s media attention is the only reason he got into the debate.  Just imagine how annoyed those people that didn’t make it must be!  They could be at the debate if Trump hadn’t shown up!