Woman sues Lambert’s for roll to the face

Lambert’s Cafe, in Missouri, is famous for its bread rolls.  More specifically, it’s famous for how its bread rolls are delivered.  According to legend, long ago, the cafe was so busy that waiters couldn’t walk around.  So, in an effort to feed all the people, they began just tossing bread rolls at customers.  Ever since that day, the tradition has stuck.  Warm, fresh, bread rolls, literally straight from the kitchen to you.

And, of course, somebody has to go and ruin the fun for everyone else!

Troy Tucker was not as delighted by the flying bread as most patrons are. She filed a lawsuit against the restaurant, claiming she suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result of one of the restaurant’s employees throwing bread rolls at customers.

The lawsuit states that Tucker suffered a lacerated cornea when a roll hit her. She also sustained head and neck injuries, and her vision is permanently damaged.

The suit, filed out of a firm in St. Louis, asks for at least $25,000, claiming medical bills have already reached $10,000.

Yes, a bread roll to the face will definitely cause 10,000 dollars of medical bills!  And what “head and neck injuries” could possibly come from that?  Unless the roll was burned and solid as a brick, I don’t see how a piece of bread could hurt that bad.

On the other hand, I suppose getting hit in the face by a bread roll would come as a shock to anyone.  I mean, Lambert’s is known for its “thrower rolls,” how could she have known an aerial bread assault was waiting for her?!