Colbert returns to TV!

Yay!  Finally!

For those of you unaware, Stephen Colbert has recently taken over as host of the “Late Show,” replacing longtime TV icon David Letterman.  Colbert, well known for his ultra-conservative character from his older TV show, “The Colbert Report.”

The show began with a taped piece — Colbert singing the National Anthem with various citizens in various cities around America, culminating with Jon Stewart, dressed as an umpire, bellowing, “Play ball!” Colbert told a few jokes standing up and told a few more sitting down, behind his desk, many of them about Donald Trump. There were some things familiar to fans of The Colbert Report — his signature greeting, “Hello, nation!”; his Captain America shield on a shelf behind him — and some things that were probably new to many viewers, such as the sight of Colbert bopping around the stage to the music of his band (Jon Batiste and Stay Human), his hair tousled with enthusiastic effort. Jimmy Fallon made a cameo appearance via video, as Colbert pretended to interrupt his show and allowed Fallon to plug his guests for Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, a mildly gutsy move. (Fallon returned at the end, for a quick, post-credits visual joke.)

I encourage everyone to go watch the show (because I fell asleep before I could last night and won’t have a chance to catch up until later today.)  It’s good to have Colbert back, it feels like everything is right in the TV world again.