Hundred Acre Wood For Sale, Might Be Boobytrapped

On Thursday, the government tried to auction off over 100 acres of New Hampshire forest that was the sight of a standoff between police and an anti-government couple.

This isn’t the first time that the feds have tried to auction off this parcel of land, having failed to do so last August.  Why would 103 acres of New Hampshire forest be a difficult sell, you ask?  Well, the woods may or may not be boobytrapped.  This is a lesson on the importance of reading the fine print before purchasing property!

Back in 2007, Ed and Elaine Brown rejected the government’s authority to tax its citizens, racking up a bill of unpaid debts of over $500,000.  This led to a nine-month stand off between the couple and federal agents, which was only broken after agents sneaked onto the property disguised as pizza delivery boys.  Why were the Browns ordering pizza in the middle of a siege?  I guess with all that money they weren’t sending to the IRS, they thought they could afford it.

The Browns are currently serving a 30 year sentence for plotting to kill government agents.  Their property is being auctioned to help pay back that 500k debt.  For those willing to risk stepping into a bear trap, or tripping on a live grenade, the property is set in lovely New Hampshire, and comes with a fortified compound already built on the property!