Bibles n’ Brew

American churches have lately been struggling to attract congregants.  Millennials have little interest in God, while the older generation is dying off.  Any attempts to modernize, such as light shows, smoke machines, even an updated selection of worship music is likely to cause division within the church.  In a time of shrinking numbers, churches are trying almost anything to bring the Word to the people.  A church in Pheonix, Arizona, may have done the impossible: something that actually works!

Every third Thursday of the month, members of the Gethsemane Lutheran Church gather for something called “Bibles n’ Brew.”  Congregants will go out to local bars and pubs and have a Bible Study, sharing the word of God with anyone who happens to be there.

“God’s word applies to every part of our life so why not get out into a place like a brewpub or a brewery and enjoy a good time with friends and spend time talking about God’s word,” Pastor Troy Schmidt with the church said.

Schmidt is the Senior Pastor at the Tempe-based church, but is also is an avid lover of India Pale Ales and a self-described hop-head.

Through Bibles n’ Brew, Schmidt said the church is gaining new members and reaching out to different groups of people.

As a Christian, and a college student, I really like this idea!  Not only does it actually spread the word of God, but it encourages people to actually show up to Bible studies!  And there’s nothing more tongue-loosening than alcohol, so you’re guaranteed to get some interesting theological debates!

Now, I’m sure that there are some out there who find this idea horrible.  “Beer and Christians?  Mixing together?!  Lawd have mercy, we are surely bound for hell!”

My response to you:  Jesus drank wine, a lot.  It was literally at every dinner party he went to.  And were he around today, I guarantee he would go to one of these meetings.