OK Mayor Apologizes for Husband’s KKK Halloween Costume

Teresa Sharp, Mayor of Lahoma, Oklahoma, has recently apologized for the actions of her husband during Halloween.  So, what happened?  Got a little drunk at a party?  Scared some kids by hiding in the bushes?

Nope.  The mayor’s husband and some of his friends apparently dressed up in KKK robes, lit torches, and terrorized trick-or-treaters.  “Lol, just a prank, dudes!”

Mayor Sharp stated that she was nowhere near the party where this happened.  Her husband, Cary Sharp, and four others were seen at a bonfire dressed in Klan robes and holding torches.  This photo has been making the rounds on social media and have been causing quite a stir:


When asked why, Cary Sharp said that he and his friends thought it would be funny.  Go to a bonfire, wield some torches, and stand awfully close to a cross (which they claimed had not been set on fire.)

Mayor Sharp was adamant in saying that she condemned the actions of her husband. “I just don’t condone it regardless of who it is whether it’s my husband or Joe Smith around the corner. It’s not anything that I think needs to be represented for our community at all,” 

While many have found it to be offensive, no laws were technically broken.  Authorities say that the men were compliant when asked to take off the costumes and put out the bonfire.

What I want to know is why on earth would these guys admit they were Klan robes?  It’s Halloween, just say they were ghost costumes!  You might have pulled it off!