Deadliest large animal in Britain: Cows

Really?  I thought the deadliest large animal would be the Scottish…

In the past 15 years over 74 British people have been killed by cows, according to figures by the Health and Safety Executive.  In response, an agricultural committee is being set up to keep the public safe from these menaces.

The HSE released a statement, reminding the public to be careful.

“As 70% of these deaths involved either a bull or newly calved cow, activities with these stock should be carefully planned,” it said.

“Where ever possible farmers should avoid keeping cows and calves in fields with public footpaths.”

This is what the British have come to.  First it was the Revolutionary War, then fighting the Germans, then dealing with Gandhi’s shenanigans, then the Falkland Islands, now they’re fighting a bunch of cows!  Truly the sun will never set on the Empire.