WI Police Searching For Owner of Abandoned Casket

Honey, is the zombie-proof bunker stocked?

Wisconsin police found an empty casket on the side of the highway a few days ago.  They took to Facebook to find the owner.  Good thinking!  If I had just come back from the dead I would be checking my phone instantly, I’d want to know what I missed!

The Facebook post read: Anyone missing a casket?
We find a lot of things along the side of the road, but this is a first. We found this along the highway in Adams County this past weekend. We’re pretty certain it did not come out of the ground, and there have been no reports of zombies in the area. According to a local Funeral Home, used caskets are sometimes sold to private individuals for haunted houses, displays, etc.
So, if this fell off the back of your truck over the weekend, get in touch with us. It’s a little creepy, and we’d like to get it back to you. ‪#‎WheresMyCasket‬

See, when you see something like this, to quote comedian John Mulaney, you want it to be a miracle… But probably not.