Marco Rubio Sympathetic Towards Darth Vader

Do you think Republicans root for the Sith just because their lightsabers are red?

With a shaky economy, immigration issues, trouble in the Middle East, and questions of marijuana legalization keeping the political world on edge, Marco Rubio decided to field a question about Star Wars.  I like this man’s priorities!

During a campaign stop at St. Anslem College in New Hampshire, Rubio went into a character study of one of cinema’s most famous villains.

“I used to hate Darth Vader. Now I kind of feel a little bit sorry for him because I know what he went through to get to that point,” Rubio said

“It started out as this individual with a tremendous amount of talent and promise,” Rubio said of Vader, “then something went wrong, something really went bad, and he went dark, and went nasty.”

But, by the end of his answer, Rubio appeared conflicted.

“So now I am torn, do I still hate Darth Vader?” Rubio asked rhetorically. “I don’t know.”

Rubio is correct, Darth Vader is actually a pretty tragic character.  Originally destined to bring peace and unity to the galaxy, he was slowly corrupted over time through circumstances, poor choices, and the loss of loved ones.  He ends up severely injured, trapped in a heavy, claustrophobic suit, more machine than man.  He ends up trying to bring peace and order to the galaxy through force, having become the evil he originally sought to destroy.  Those who won’t bend to his will shall be destroyed, and the terrorist rebels will be routed out!  His way or the force-choke highway!

So, in short, Darth Vader is a politician who played the game for too long.