Canadian Police Officer Arrested for Cheese Smuggling

Like Al Capone, but more fattening!

A Niagara Regional Police Officer was sentenced for four months of prison after being found guilty of operating a smuggling ring.  What was this oh so dangerous product being smuggled?  Drugs?  Alcohol?  Body parts?  Nope!  Something that we in America value more than all of those things: cheese.

Constable Scott Heron was charged back in 2012 of traveling into the United States, purchasing large amounts of cheese in bulk, and then coming back to Canada and redistributed the cheese without declaring it with customs.  According to the Niagara Regional Police, about $200,000 dollars worth of cheese was smuggled, or the average amount of cheese one can find on a Little Caesar’s deep dish pizza.  This smuggling of cheese generated some real cheese to the tune of a $165,000 profit.

The NRP released a statement following Heron’s conviction:

“The facts upon which Scott Heron was convicted are disturbing and are not reflective of the men and women who work in accordance with their oath every single day,” the release said. “The Niagara Regional Police Service is committed to restoring the trust of the public which has been defamed by the actions of a few.”

Heron was suspended with pay back in 2012 when he was charged.  Now that he’s been convicted he will spend four months in prison and his career with the police force will be addressed.

Man… Why is Canada so nice?  This is the extent of their police corruption?  Cheese smuggling?!  Did all the nice and friendly pilgrims just immigrate to Canada on a ship we Americans don’t know about?  If so, was it called the M’eh’flower?