Trump Wants to Ban all Muslims From U.S.

Presidential Candidate (and person who would probably kill a poor person during The Purge) Donald Trump has been making lots of controversial statements lately.  Of course this isn’t unexpected.  With 2016 so close, it’s a common tactic for candidates to say crazy things just to get some cheap air time.  The trick is to say something crazy enough it gets attention, but not crazy enough that it kills your chances for the presidency.  This is a difficult tightrope, and only the most tactful of politicians can walk it.  Donald Trump is neither tactful nor political.  He just took a wire cutter to the tightrope and snapped right through it!

With the Paris attacks and San Bernardino happening so close to each other, anti-Islamic sentiments are rather high.  The question, of course, is if these fears of Muslims are justified.  Donald Trump seems to think so.  He’s gotten a lot of press for wanting to create a “registry” of all Muslims in America, and forcing all Muslims to wear some form of identification.  One might not think it possible to get more extremist, but Trump, well… He Trumped himself.

In a statement released by his campaign team, Trump has called for the banning of all Muslims from entering the United States.  According to Trump’s campaign manager, this would include every Muslim, from tourists to immigrants, even American Muslims who’re currently overseas!

It would be an immigration policy similar to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which was aimed at excluding Chinese from immigrating

Or the Immigration Act of 1917, which was aimed at limiting large groups of “undesirables,” from homosexuals to anarchists.

Or the Immigration Act of 1924, which was aimed at limiting Southern and Eastern European immigration.

So, really, Trump’s plan is nothing new.  For a melting pot society, we sure do seem to hate it when things get spicy!

According to The Guardian: Trump put out his incendiary proposal just hours before he was scheduled to appear at a rally on board the USS Yorktown, a second world war aircraft carrier that is berthed near Charleston, South Carolina. The military location was carefully chosen for an address that falls on the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor that brought America into the war. After being interrupted several times aboard the ship, he said the proposal was “probably not politically correct, but I don’t care”

I have to hand it to Trump, he does not give a fuck!  You gotta respect a man who will speak his mind without caring, even if what comes out of his mouth is terrifying.

Trump’s comments, as can be expected, quickly drew criticism.  Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley tweeted: “@realdonaldtrump removes all doubt: he is running for President as a fascist demagogue.”

Other people condemned Trump, including Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and former VP Dick Cheney.  Man, you know you crossed a line when the Penguin says you went too far!

Had anyone else said something like this, their chances of the presidency would have been over!  But Donald Trump said it, so he’s still leading in the polls.  I tell you I just don’t understand politics…