Airstrikes Give UK its “mojo” Back

Subduing brown people and enforcing Western values?  The British Empire is back, baby!

Chancellor of the United Kingdom, George Osborne, said that the nation “has got its mojo back” after it overwhelmingly supported airstrikes in Syria and the Islamic State.

Speaking to the United States, Mr. Osborne said that this news was a “source of real pride.”

“It is for me a source of real pride that actually a couple of years later the House of Commons has voted by a big majority to take part in the action already being directed against this terrorist organisation Isis or Daesh in Syria.”

Of course, Mr. Osborne added that airstrikes weren’t the complete answer, but they would help in destroying ISIS.  A more longterm, political solution was needed.

“It’s difficult to see how Syria can have any long term future with Assad there as president, many people would never return to that country if that were the case.

“But, that doesn’t mean the entire Syrian regime has to go.”

Yeah, the regime doesn’t have to go!  Britain can just replace it with someone more puppet-like.  Maybe we can also rename the area?  A fresh start for the area would be nice.  How about “The Royal Colony of Syria?”