Science Creates Test-Tube Puppies

When we usually think about man playing God, things don’t go well.  In every sci-fi story, scientists try to create superhumans, or genetically modified animals.  Almost inevitably, something goes wrong and lots of people die.

Fortunately, reality seems to be taking a different turn than the typical work of fiction.  Instead of creating unnatural monsters, science has done the exact opposite: puppies!

Back in July, a team of scientists, vets, and lab workers created the world’s first ever batch of test-tube dogs.  The puppies were conceived in a test-tube and birthed through a surrogate mother.  The litter is now five months old and perfectly healthy!

Science created a bunch of puppies in a lab, you may be thinking, so what?  Well, apparently this isn’t so simple, as Yahoo News reports:

In vitro fertilization, the process of fertilizing an egg with sperm outside the body, is widely used to assist human reproduction these days. The first human birth from IVF took place in 1978.

But IVF efforts with dogs repeatedly failed until now, according to Dr. Pierre Comizzoli, a reproductive physiologist for the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia, which works with Cornell.

“The biology of the dog is really, really different than humans,” Comizzoli said. Dog pregnancies last only two months and females go into heat just once or twice a year, releasing immature eggs instead of mature eggs needed for IVF.

So this is actually a rather interesting breakthrough.  I’m glad science is going towards important fields like puppies.