Start 2016 Right: Buy a Putin Calendar

Rebuilding the Soviet Union, hunting tigers, riding horseback without a shirt on, how did Putin find the time to become a model, too?

A Russian paper, Zvezdi I Soveti (Stars and Advice,) released a limited edition 2016 calendar filled with photos and inspiring quotes of Russia’s president.  As CNN reports: Every month features an inspiring photograph of Russia’s popular leader — either fishing topless, going to church, lifting weights, or dressed in naval uniform. Each image is accompanied by a quotation from the man himself, on topics ranging from his love of dogs, Russian women and fishing to the country’s growing military power.

The newspaper printed 200,000 copies, but they’re already selling out.  That’s sort of what happens when you’re president of a country that gives you an 80% approval rating.

Looking through the photos in the calendar, I think the one from March is by far my favorite:


The quote says:  “I like all Russian women.  I personally think that Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.”

Well, it’s official.  Putin is the dirty old man of Russia!