Oregon militia is serious, like, for reals! Guys, take us seriously!

The United States has a long and proud history of backwoods rednecks rising up against “Gubment.”  From alcoholic Virginians against the British to Southern slave owners against the Yankee states, rebellion is a part of our lifeblood.  Carrying on this proud tradition of revolting first and asking questions later, a militia in Oregon has occupied a federal wildlife reserve building, set up roadblocks, and dared the “Gubment” to do something about it.

This militia has risen up on Saturday in defense of Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, two ranchers convicted of arson, burning land belonging to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

The Hammond’s have both reported to prison, as ordered by the courts.  The occupation continues, however.  Aiding this Glorious Revolution are a few members of the Bundy family.  You remember the Bundys, right?  The family patriarch is Cliven Bundy, a man who loves to wave the flag of a nation he doesn’t recognize as existing:


(He also has a few things to say about the Negro, but that’s a different story…)

Aiding the militia in Oregon are Ammon and Ryan Bundy, two of Cliven’s sons, and they want the world to know that they are to be taken seriously!

“It’s important that we stand and people know that we’re serious,” Bundy, 40, said on “Good Morning America.”

Bundy told ABC News today that he does not speak for the Hammonds, but added, “We have spoken many, many times, and we understand each other on this issue.”

“The Hammonds are only going to jail because they just feel there’s nothing else for them to do,” Bundy said. “But they very well know that this is wrong, along with all their neighbors and the other ranchers in the area.”

Yes, well… Generally, when you’re convicted of a crime you go to prison, so there really isn’t much else for them do to.  Apparently arson is no longer a crime, however, so it’s very wrong that the Hammonds go to prison!  Boy, you sure can tell that these outdoorsy rancher types love the land they grew up on, huh?