Finnish Anti-Immigrant Organization Causes Concern

Ah, Finland.  A nation famous for not getting along with other people.

With the recent immigrant crisis hitting Europe, many countries are trying to figure out what to do.  Some accept the immigrants openly, others are doing all they can to shut their borders.  Finland, a nation stereotypically distrustful of outsiders, has been hit by an influx of refugees as well.  As you can probably guess by the title of this post, some Finns aren’t happy about it.

The self-proclaimed “Soldiers of Odin” are an organization of people who have sworn to protect Finnish citizens from the Syrian refugees.  They wear black leather jackets adorned with the Finnish flag and viking symbols, and claim that they want to be the eyes and ears of the police, who they worry are having trouble completing their duties.

So, let’s tally the points.  +1 for badass group name, “Soldiers of Odin.”  Another +1 for the neat uniforms, who doesn’t like leather jackets and Vikings?  Two in your favor so far, guys!

“In our opinion, Islamist intruders cause insecurity and increase crime,” the group says on its website. One self-proclaimed member, aiming to recruit new members in the eastern town of Joensuu, said on Facebook the group is “a patriotic organisation that fights for a white Finland”.

A “patriotic organization” that fights for the preservation/supremacy of the white race?  Nazi-esque terminology is gonna cost you, I’m gonna have to dock you some points.

While the Soldiers of Odin have not committed any crimes, the government is still concerned.

The government has made clear there can be no place for vigilantes. “As a matter of principle, police are responsible for law and order in the country,” Prime Minister Juha Sipila told public broadcaster YLE on Tuesday, responding to concerns about the group. “Civilian patrols cannot assume the authority of the police.”

Hmm… So we have a government trying it’s best to keep the peace and maintain order in a coalition with several other nations on one hand.  On the other, we have a group of concerned, patriotic/nationalistic people who fear that their way of life is threatened.  And this is all based in a far northern country steeped in Viking traditions?  This is setting up to be Skyrim in real life!!!