Trump Rally Opens to Totally Not Creepy Song & Dance Number


Well… you gotta admit it’s catchy!

Donald Trump recently had a song and dance group of children open up for him at a rally in Florida, signifying that only those with the IQ of a child think he’d make a good president.

The group calls itself “USA Freedom Kids,” and were this WWII (or a Captain America movie) it would have been kind of cute.


Unfortunately, this is real life.  The song the Freedom Kids performed highlighted several of Trump’s political stances, emphasizing his desire for strong nationalism.

“Enemies of freedom, face the music (C’mon boys! Take ’em down!) President Donald Trump knows how to make America great!  Deal from strength or get crushed every time!”

Okay, fighting the enemies of freedom, I can get behind that… as long as we specify who the enemies of freedom are.  Are non-Trump supporters enemies of freedom?  Or just Muslims?

Then it just gets kind of creepy.  There’s just something about “Trump knows how to make America great” that worries me.  As a history major, that seems like one of Hitler’s statements.  “Only I know how to make ze German people great again!  Follow me!”

And then there’s “Deal from strength of get crushed every time.”  Agreed, it’s important to have a strong military and a strong stance with the world at large, but it needs to be in moderation!  Dealing from strength makes you secure, sure, but doesn’t it also make you a bully?  How long before we go from dealing with the Middle East with a “Do what we say or else” attitude before we start doing that to our own allies?  How long before our allies abandon us as soon as we treat them like that?

You know who else deals from a position of complete strength?  The Empire!


That’s right, folks!  Donald Trump wants to turn us to the dark side!  We can’t let this cute/creepy singing trio distract us from his not-so-subliminal messages!

Link to video