Straight couple sues for civil partnership

Fox News warned us, but we didn’t listen.  The homosexual agenda is upon us!  Straight people across the world are being oppressed!  Just look at what the gays are doing over in Great Britain.  They’ve practically turned it into a glitzy prison camp!  Why, this straight couple is having to sue just to get a civil partnership!

A civil partnership is considered “separate but equal” to marriage by many, but there are a few key differences.  For one, there’s no requirement for those entering a civil union to take vows.  The ceremony can be done in private, unlike a marriage which requires several witnesses.  Also, at least in the UK, straight people are not allowed to get a civil partnership.  Oh, how the tables have turned!

Londonites Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld are suing for the right to a civil partnership.  Under the 2004 Civil Partnership Act, only homosexual couples can get a civil union.  Straight people are limited to marriage, something that Keidan and Seinfeld don’t want.  They want their relationship recognized legally, but desire a more “modern” way of getting it.

The BBC reports: Miss Steinfeld said while they appreciate that marriage is a “very meaningful social institution for very many couples”, it has a “problematic history from the point of view of female-male relations”.
“Some might refer to it as a patriarchal social institution,” she said.
“Some of that history lingers on for example that marriage certificates still only have space for the fathers of the parties and not the mothers.
“We don’t feel comfortable with that and we feel we should have a choice.”

The government currently doesn’t have plans to update the law, which I find to be a previous error!  I think it’s high time that we recognized the lifestyle of heterosexual people everywhere.  They’ve been oppressed for far too long!