Man goes 48 hours in VR

One step closer to being able to completely shut out reality!  This is a dream come true!!!

Virtual Reality has been the dream of science fiction nerds for years.  Thanks to modern inventions, VR has gone from fantasy, to feasibility, to reality at a surprising speed.  Of course, with any new technology, there are initial drawbacks.  There’s been a new phenomenon called “VR sickness” that can be brought on my virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift and Vive headsets.  VR sickness can be brought on from playing virtual reality games for too long, symptoms including nausea burning eyes, and headaches.  (Basically, what you get if you watch TV too long.)

However, companies that produce VR technology have been quick to say that they’ve fixed these early problems!  With newer hardware, they say, they’ve eliminated VR sickness.  Some may be skeptical, but one man going two days in VR should help put those worries to rest.

“I had no physical problems, no burning eyes, killing headaches or nausea,” Thorsten Wiedemann, the founder and artistic director of the A MAZE Festival, told Vice after spending two straight days in a Vive headset for an art project called Disconnected earlier this month. While a panic attack in the 25th hour almost caused Wiedemann to drop out, the rest of the Wiedemann’s extended time in VR went off uneventfully, as you can see from livestreamed footage archived on Game Science Center Berlin’s YouTube channel.

Yeah, see?  No headaches!  Just a panic attack, nothing major.

Wiedemann said that he believes Virtual Reality will be a common pastime in the near future, and his “art project” was also an experiment to see how good the technology was getting.  During the 48 hours wearing the headset, he went through a series of games, demos, and other virtual reality experiences to see what the headset was capable of.

Some might call this stupid and will never catch on, but I say to you: you’re reading this on a screen right now, aren’t you?  How many hours a day do you find yourself in front of a screen of some kind?