Accordion causes school evacuation

To be fair, I’m sure this hasn’t been the first time an accordion has cleared a room.

Mass murders are a sadly common occurrence in the public school system.  People have become paranoid, that at any second a kid could pull a gun.  Any unknown backpack or box could hold a gun, a bomb, or worse… an accordion!!!

Up in Nebraska, police responded to a call about a suspicious package in the music room of Walnut Middle School.  The call came from a staff member, who saw an unknown container that he did not remember seeing before.  He said that the container didn’t look like it could hold any musical instrument.  Depending on your stance on the accordion, the staff member was correct.

The Independent reports: the Grand Island Public Schools safety officer was contacted, with that person agreeing that Walnut Middle School should be evacuated as a precaution. Falldorf (the captain of the local police) said all students and staff walked to Grand Island Senior High, which is just a few blocks north of Walnut.

The police, K-9 units, and the fire department responded to the potential threat.  With the school evacuated, the bomb squad moved in.  Ever so carefully, they examined the mysterious box, making sure that it was safe to open.  Reportedly (at least in my imagination) everyone ran screaming when the box was opened to reveal an accordion.

Weird Al, unfortunately, could not be reached for comment.  The middle school reportedly is back on regular schedule.