Study confirms that young people love wine. In other news, study confirms the sun is bright


As a college student who has several female friends, I can confirm this.

When you think of “alcohol” and “college students,” there are multiple images that come to mind.  Parties, shots, hard liquor, awkward mornings-after, etc. etc. etc.  What you may not picture, however, is what kind of alcohol they’re drinking.  Vodka, whiskey, canned beer, a bucket in the center of the room with every liquor they could find poured into it, but I doubt that you picture wine.  I find this surprising, but it may just be from my own point of view of things.  Wine is a very beloved drink amongst the community of younger women.

Wine Market Council, a nonprofit that examines the trends of the wine industry in America, recently came out with a new study.  The findings of this study showed several interesting facts about the industry.  For example, the amount of people who would qualify as “high frequency” drinkers has doubled since 2000.

Also, according to Between 2005 and 2010, there was a surge in high frequency wine drinkers from 7.9% to 13.9% of the LDA population, driven by the Millennials.

The report goes on to say how more women tend to drink wine than men, and how “highly involved” female wine drinkers come from the Millennial generation.

They could have just visited any college town for twenty minutes to figure this out.  They didn’t need to pour all that money into a study.

New study confirms that women under 30 love wine