A&M Apologizes for Racism

About a week or so ago, a group of visiting high schoolers from Dallas were verbally assaulted by students of Texas A&M University with racial slurs and “go back where you came from”s.

According to reports, two black students who were visiting the campus were approached by a woman wearing confederate flag earrings.  She asked them what they thought of her jewelry, and other students began to shout racial slurs at them.


The Battalion, A&M’s on-campus newspaper, reported that the incident received widespread condemnation among students and faculty alike.  As an A&M student, I can also personally say I’ve heard lots of people calling for the racists to be expelled.

Students responded by setting up tables across campus, for people to write letters of apology to the high schoolers.  Texas A&M President Michael Young and Chancellor John Sharp also met with the high schoolers to personally apologize.

“I wanted to tell them how deeply sorry I was, and how sorry many people were, about what happened,” he told the Texas Tribune. “I wanted them to know that doesn’t represent the values that we really hold dear at A&M.

“Also, we wanted to tell them we were tremendously impressed with them and how proud of them we are in terms of how they reacted — and that they are precisely the kinds of students we’d love to see enrolling.”

An investigation is currently underway.  President Young said that the university would “take appropriate action as quickly as possible.”

Of course, we have no idea what “as quickly as possible” means.  Do you mean as quickly as the new football stadium was built?  Or as quick as the construction work going on at the REC center?  (Three semesters and counting, if I’m not mistaken.)