The Pope is the Antichrist

Pope Francis has gotten lots of media attention ever since he stepped into the papacy.  His strong opinions, from the refugee crisis to American capitalism, have turned him into a polarizing figure.  Many like him, but others are not fans.  His detractors see him as annoying, at best.  At worst, though, he is a symbol of the coming end times, which is what a New Hampshire state representative believes.

Rep. Susan DeLemus called the leader of the Catholic Church the Antichrist on Facebook on Feb. 18.  These comments come shortly after Pope Francis called Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall between America and Mexico “un-Christian.”  DeLemus (who happens to be a Trump supporter) was responding to a Facebook comment, asking her what she thought about the Pope’s stance.

POLITICO reports:  “The Pope is the anti-Christ. Do your research,” DeLemus wrote, following up in the thread saying “I’m not sure who the Pope truly has in his heart.”

I’m no theologian, but I can’t find anything in Revelation that goes along the lines of “the Antichrist will be a thorn in the Republican’s side… and is also Catholic.”

Representative DeLemus followed up her comments to clarify a few things, and to point people in the right direction to do their research:

“I was actually referencing the papacy. And what I wrote after that ‘do your research,’ if you read the Geneva Bible, which is the Bible I use when we study, the commentary is—actually by the founders of the United States actually, the Protestant Church—their commentary references the papacy as the anti-Christ,” DeLemus said. “And I think actually in one part of it, and I don’t remember who it was that wrote it, there was one of the popes that they had referenced as the anti-Christ. So that’s all I was referring to, the papacy, not particularly that one particular pope because the papacy is a seat. It’s not just one person.”

Well, there you have it!  The Bible itself calls the papacy a seat of evil.  Just ignore the facts that the Geneva Bible was written 50 years before the King James Bible, in a time when Protestants (who used the Geneva Bible) and Catholics were killing each other every chance they could.  There’s no way that there could be anti-Catholic bias written into it.