“Deadpool” on track to beat “Passion of the Christ” as highest grossing R-movie

For Marvel so loved the world, he gave us his begotten son, Ryan Renolds…

Deadpool, the comic book movie fans have been wanting for years has been making boatloads of cash.  In just its first week on the big screen, its pulled in $235.4 million.  The film about a 4th wall breaking, foul mouthed, mentally unstable mercenary has already made a new record for the highest grossing opening weekend an R-rated movie has ever made.  With ticket sales still going strong, Deadpool has a chance to become the highest grossing R-movie of all time.  The movie that currently holds that title?  Passion of the Christ, with a grand total of 370.3 million dollars.

Forbes reports: Deadpool is already outpacing it by grossing $74.8 million more than Mel Gibson’s 2004 bloody Biblical epic took in during the same timeframe . That means that barely out the gate, the Merc with the Mouth has effectively conquered 63.6% of The Passion‘s total gross without breaking a sweat.

It’s probably a little late, but Passion of the Christ really should have added some sex scenes, or at least some ninjas, if they had wanted to do better.  It’s showbiz, after all!  The people want what the people want.