Massachusetts Plans to Create Snake Island, Causes Fears That Everyone Will Die

Did you know that rattlesnakes are endangered in Massachusetts?  It’s probably not something that would come to mind, but it’s true.  There’s only 200 rattlesnakes left in the entire state.  While some people (especially us in the southern/western states) would find the extermination of rattlesnakes a good thing, others see them as a vital part of the ecosystem.  As such, the state has put forth a plan to save the snakes.

According to the Independent, authorities have planned to gather up the snakes and place them all on an island in the Quabbin reservoir, the state’s largest body of water.  This established colony is meant to allow the rattlesnakes to survive away from human intervention.

Of course, as with anything that could be named “Snake Island,” there are some concerns.  Primarily, people are worried that the rattlesnakes will kill everyone.

Tom French of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, the director of the project, said he had received many concerned phone calls and emails.

“People are afraid that we’re going to put snakes in a place of public use and that they are going to breed like rabbits and spread over the countryside and kill everybody,” he told Fox News.

Mr French said the concerns were unfounded and that rattlesnakes will not attack unless provoked. He claims there have been no rattlesnake bite incidents in his 32 years of working with the wildlife agency and that the last death from a rattlesnake bite was in colonial times.

Besides, all the snakes will be on an island.  There’s no way for them to escape!  Except for the fact that rattlesnakes can swim… and that there are two causeways running through the island…