The Most Interesting Man in the World Retires

He’s starred in hilarious commercials, he’s created internet memes, he’s tripled the sales of a Mexican beer company, and now he’s retired.

Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as the Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercials, will soon find himself out of work.  The beer company, after a stellar nine-year run, will be retiring the “Most Interesting” character.  They plan on replacing him with somebody new.  Probably younger, but definitely less interesting.

The New York Daily News reports:  “It’s been a wonderful experience, I’ve enjoyed it enormously,” Goldsmith, 77, told the Daily News, insisting that the split is amicable and that “the campaign is just going in another direction.”

The character switch comes as Goldsmith is in a legal skirmish with his talent agency, Gold Levin Talent, over whether he owes them commissions from the popular Dos Equis ads.

Goldsmith stopped making payments in November 2014, the talent agency claims, because he thought they had already cashed in on his success.

The beer company, however, was quick to state that the end of Goldsmith’s character had nothing to do with his legal issues, the decision had been made some time ago.  Still, the Dos Equis Man’s end is nigh.

But fear not, Most Interesting Man fandom, he isn’t gone just yet!  The Most Interesting Man in the World will debut in his final commercial Thursday night, where he plans on taking a rocket to Mars, thus making him no longer the most interesting man in our world.  While The Most Interesting Man blasts off to space, Goldsmith says that he’ll be spending his time pursuing other opportunities, and working on his memoirs.

Stay thirsty, my friends.