Dora the Explorer Mistaken for Dead Body

“To get to the burial spot, we have to go through the dark swamp, over the fallen tree, and across the deep ravine!  Thanks, Map!”

An Arkansas family traveling through Alabama was recently pulled over after police received reports of there being a dead body in their trunk.  The report came, according to police, from someone at a gas station.  Apparently the family had opened the trunk of the car, and the eagle-eyed civilian thought he saw a body in a trash bag.

Heflin police pulled the family over to investigate, but found the dead body was, in fact, a Dora the Explorer pillow.  Reports say that the family was “very understanding” about the situation.  Better safe than sorry, I suppose.  You can’t trust them dangerous folks up from Arkansas!  They got no morals like we do down in ol’ Alabamy!

While police were investigating the pillow, their police car was swiped by an orange fox wearing gloves and a blue mask.  All the cops had to do was shout “Backpack!” before handcuffs and tasers flew into their hands, and they gave chase.  The mysterious criminal known only as “Swiper” still remains at large.  If anybody has information pertaining to him, they are advised to contact the authorities… but make sure your info is correct, first, and it’s not just another body pillow.