Mormon Teen Injured in 3rd Brush With Terror Attacks

Annnddd there’s going to be conspiracy theories about this kid in 3…2…1…

Mason Wells, a 19 year old Mormon, was injured in the recent terror attack in Brussels.  He suffered multiple burns and shrapnel wounds when bombs went off in the Brussels airport.  Fortunately, he survived, and his family is optimistic about his recovery.

“This is his third terrorist attack,” his father, Chad Wells, tells ABC News.

(Poor phrasing on the father’s part, but I think we get what he meant to say.)

“We live in a dangerous world and not everyone is kind and loving.  He was extremely close to the blast, it’s a blessing from God he’s alive.”

While this has been the closest he’s gotten to a terror attack, this is the 3rd one that Mason has had a brush with.  During the Boston Marathon bombing, he was reportedly only a block away.  During the Paris attacks, he was in France on a mission.  While a few hours away, he was close enough to cause his family concern.

So, the real question is, how many terror watch lists is this kid on, now?  As the saying goes, “location, location, location.”

When I first heard about this kid, it was being posted on Facebook by an acquaintance of mine.  His opinion was that we should be investigating him.  Yes, let’s put anyone who’s a statistical oddity under surveillance.  Because freedom!!!

Either this kid has the worst luck in recent history, or some of the best.  Either way, it may be best to avoid traveling with him, just to be safe.×84899