Bieber fans pay to meet cardboard cutout of artist

As it turns out, Bieber Fever is far from over, and it’s getting expensive.  Singer, songwriter, and bottom in a prison relationship Justin Bieber has recently cancelled all of his meet & greets with fans during his most recent tour.  His reason was that they were leaving him “drained and unhappy.”

Okay, sure.  I suppose being on tour and singing on stage for hours at a time would leave anybody tired.  I’m sure people will understa-aannnnddd he’s gone and turned it into another ego trip for himself.

Fans who’ve already paid to meet the almighty Bieber, unfortunately, won’t be able to get refunds.  Fans who’ve paid up to $2,000 for VIP tickets have reported that they can’t get their money back without giving up their entire ticket.

But fear not!  Belieb in your lord, for (s)he will provide!  In consolation to those who’ve decided to hold on to their backstage passes, Justin Bieber has set up a cardboard cutout of himself for fans to take a photo with.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.46.39 PM.png

To be fair, that cardboard cutout probably has a way better personality than the real thing.

Justin Bieber Fans Paid Over $2000 For VIP Tickets To Meet A Cardboard Cutout