America Kicking the Caffeine High

U.S. soda consumption has fallen to a 30-year low.  Coincidentally, the amount of reported headaches and lack of energy has hit a 30-year high.

You may not have noticed, but for the past few years the soda market has been in a slump. Industry tracker Beverage Digest reported that, in 2015, the average American drank 650 8oz servings of soda.  After doing a little big of math, that’s 5200 ounces, which in turn is 40.6 gallons.  While almost 41 gallons of coke seems like a lot, it’s actually the lowest amount consumed since 1985.

This decline comes as more people are trying to find “healthy” alternatives to soda.  And, no, that doesn’t include diet sodas:

TIME reports:  Along those lines, the big losers were yet again the diet soda brands. Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke each reported declines of over 5%, while Diet Mountain Dew’s drop was 4.8%. That’s because consumers have becoming increasingly skeptical of artificial sweeteners, most recently fretting about the health implications of consuming aspartame, which is still deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Those concerns were so top of mind that it even led Pepsi to reformulate its diet soda last year.

What do you think the meeting was like at PepsiCo, or Coca Cola?

“Sir, they aren’t buying diet sodas any more.”

“Hmm…  You did put ‘diet’ on the can, right?”

“We did, sir, but they aren’t falling for it!”

“They’re smarter than we thought…”

U.S. Soda Consumption Falls to 30-Year Low