Happy Square Root Day (Yesterday)

Well, I kinda dropped the ball on this one, sorry.  I didn’t know this was a thing until late last night.

Turns out yesterday was something known as a “square root day.”  Square Root Day, for those of you who have actual social lives, is an unofficial holiday that happens when the number of the month, and the number of the day, are the square root of the last two digits of the year.  Yesterday was 4/4/16.  Assuming I’m doing the math right, 4 x 4 (AKA 4^2) is 16.

You may be asking, “So what?  It’s a dumb coincidence, what’s so special about it?  It must’ve been a slow news day for you.”

First of all, yes it was.  I’ve been busy with school and work, so I haven’t been able to keep up with the news as well as I should.  Second of all, the fact that makes Square Root Day so interesting is the fact that it only comes 9 times a century.  The next Square Root Day will be on 5/5/25.

So, there you have it.  Hope you math nerds had a happy Square Root Day.  At least I don’t have to worry about missing the next one until 2025.